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And now…I’m blogging.


Hey all!

So I’m blogging now. I want to apologize in advance that I’m not the “blogger” type, but I hope you find that refreshing. I solemnly swear to only post things that I believe, and not anything anyone has paid for me to believe. (I’m not above using affiliate links for those things I already love, though.)

I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented artists of all stripes–working actors, makeup artists, photographers—and this blog is a place to distill the kernels of wisdom I learn along the way. I promise to post information that is truthful and unbiased–and I’ll only get my information through personal experience or the experiences of those I know and trust. Basically, I want anyone to be able to read any of my posts and know that the information they’ve found is meant to steer them truthfully.

Please always feel free to contact me via email or here in the comments.

All the best,




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